Biden Inner Circle Stands by Senior Aide Amid Harassment Claims

( – Anthony Bernal, assistant to President Joe Biden and senior advisor to the first lady, has been accused of sexual harassment. According to a recent New York Post report, around a dozen former and current colleagues of Bernal claim he has made inappropriate remarks regarding male genitalia and remarks about intimate portions of people’s private lives. This same report also called Bernal “untouchable” because of his close relationship with the first lady, Jill Biden. It is alleged the inappropriate behavior has been occurring for approximately a decade.

In response to inquiries from Fox News Digital about whether or not Bernal would face an internal investigation, several statements were received defending Bernal’s character from members of Biden’s “inner circle” including Bernal’s co-workers, current and former. In every statement, Bernal is described as a person of high morals with a caring heart and the type of person who “never” makes inappropriate comments to others.

Two different sources came forward claiming that Bernal told them the size of a person’s thumb “corresponds to that of their genitalia.” Other sources claim Bernal speculated often about the “endowments” of Secret Service agents and other political aides. Bernal allegedly made a disparaging remark about a colleague’s genitalia during a disagreement and commented on the intimate lives of colleagues at “very weird moments.”

Bernal, an openly gay man, also allegedly verbally speculated about the sexual orientation of people he worked with. One of Bernal’s accusers claims Bernal used the inappropriate comments as a way to make people uncomfortable and to “have power over them.” The victims of the alleged harassment say they have come forward because they want Bernal to be held accountable for his “long record of bullying”.

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients said in a statement that the president and first lady have “full confidence” in Bernal’s character and called the accusations “unfounded.”

Bernal has denied all claims of inappropriate behavior.

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