Biden Looks Lost, Thousand-Yard Stare While King Speaks

( – President Joe Biden once again gaffed during a speaking engagement with King Abdullah II of Jordan on February 12th. Biden, 81, appeared lost after turning over the podium to the king and shuffling between two marks on the floor seemingly unsure of where he was supposed to stand.

The episode confused Abdullah who looked over his left shoulder looking for Biden, who was on his other side. Biden remarked that he “switched sides” on him before moving back to his original position.

The episode is par for the course of this administration; Biden has confused people or nations, muddled his words, tripped or fallen, and is exhibiting all of the classic signs of mental decline associated with advanced age.

The most recent example of his categorically undeniable decline follows the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents on February 8th.

Hur said charges weren’t appropriate in Biden’s case due to his advanced age and severe cognitive limitations. Immediately following the report’s release, many commentators on X suggested if Biden wasn’t competent to stand trial for his alleged crimes, then he certainly can’t be president.

Hur’s report highlighted that Biden’s mental decline is so severe he couldn’t recall the years he was Vice President (2011-2017) or the year his son Beau Biden died (2015). Biden was actually angry that they asked him about the year his son died during a press conference held that same evening wherein he suggested the question was inappropriate.

As if proving the point, Biden called President Sisi of Egypt the President of Mexico when he was asked about humanitarian aid coming into Gaza. Biden generally spoke slowly and restarted his sentences several times during the press briefing.

When asked about his memory, Biden insisted his “memory’s fine,” and suggested folks scrutinize his accomplishments as president. Perhaps he’s forgotten record inflation, the southern border crisis, and the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel as pertinent examples.

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