Biden Pounces on Controversial Trump Post

( – President Joe Biden responded to a video posted to Donald Trump’s official page on Truth Social on Monday, May 20th. The thirty-second video appeared to be a campaign video predicting the future of America if Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, wins the 2024 election. The video features several articles that appear as newspaper articles celebrating a Trump victory. One article in particular displayed the headline “What’s next for America?” with text underneath referring to “the creation of a unified Reich.” One image flashed the headlines “Border is Closed” and “15 million Illegal Aliens Deported.”

The word “Reich” is often associated with Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany’s Third Reich. Biden accused Trump of using “Hitler’s language.” Other headlines in the video also appear to be references to World War I. Senior Deputy White House Communications Director, Andrew Bates, called Trump “abhorrent, sickening and disgraceful” for using the video that promotes any content associated with “Germany’s Nazi government under Adolf Hitler.”

Trump’s campaign press secretary Karoline Leavitt said the video was not a campaign video and was created by an unrelated online account and reposted by a “junior staffer” who “clearly did not see the word” while Trump was in court in Manhattan.

The video clip was originally posted by a group of producers known as The Dilley Meme Team founded by Brenden Dilley. Trump has used the group’s posts before. In January Trump posted a video called “God Made Trump” that some religious leaders deemed offensive for depicting Trump as a messianic figure. The video was also played at campaign rallies.

The creator of the questionable newspaper headline clip has remained anonymous and said the video was designed using a template made by a company called Envato. The words “unified Reich” were in the background and not customizable.

The Biden campaign has repeatedly accused Trump of using rhetoric similar to Adolf Hitler seeking to portray him as a threat to democracy.

The video was removed from Trump’s Truth Social account early Tuesday morning.

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