Biden Targets MAGA Republicans in 2023 60 Minutes Interview

( – President Joe Biden sat down with 60 Minutes anchor Scott Pelley over the weekend of October 15th to discuss the disastrous war in Ukraine and the recent dramatic escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict. While questions regarding the war in Ukraine and the Middle East were anticipated, Biden took the opportunity to insult the 81 million people who voted for Donald Trump in the last election.

He said that Trump’s base doesn’t regard democracy the way the Biden administration does, implying Republicans who support Trump are somehow anti-American. Famously, Hillary Clinton referred to Trump’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables” shortly before losing the 2016 electoral contest. Insulting voters or shaming them for backing Donald Trump hasn’t worked before, but Joe Biden is willing to try the strategy again anyway, it seems.

Pelley called the recent ouster of Speaker Kevin McCarthy “dysfunction” in Congress, which gave Biden the opening he needed to smear millions of Americans. Claiming the current GOP “is not your father’s Republican Party,” Biden then stumbled over his words implying that his party has a fundamentally different understanding of “democracy.”

This wasn’t the first time Joe Biden had fiery words for Trump’s supporters. Back in September 2022, with an all-red backdrop, Biden declared that “MAGA Republicans” have no respect for the Constitution or the rule of law. Shortly after his speech “#pedohitler” was a trending hashtag, suggesting many users on X (Twitter) did not agree with Biden’s sentiments.

CNN technicians following the conversation online in real time decided to change the background to a more friendly hot pink. Presumably to make it look “less evil,” according to some commentators.

Biden will travel to the Middle East and Israel to supposedly calm tensions and bring stability to the region. He’s anticipated to arrive sometime on Wednesday, October 18th. Biden has voiced strong support for Israel after the Hamas attacks earlier in the month. Israel is now “at war” according to PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and the violence is expected to escalate in the region.

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