Biden’s Megadonor Fundraiser Reveals Glaring Problem

( – Hal Lambert, Point Bridge Capital executive, said President Joe Biden’s Radio City Music Hall fundraiser showcased the incumbent’s inability to raise funds without involving celebrities.

The lavish event raised more than $25 million for Biden’s presidential campaign. Biden was accompanied by former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The three engaged in a discussion hosted by “The Office” star, Mindy Kaling and moderated by Stephen Colbert. Several big-name musical guests were in attendance including Queen Latifah, Cynthia Eviro, Lizzo, Ben Platt, and Lea Michele. Attendees were dishing out $100,000 to have their photo taken with Biden, Clinton, and Obama by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Lambert does not believe the fundraiser would have been as successful without the celebrity attendees. He also claims Clinton and Obama were present to entertain guests and assist Biden in communicating with the audience. Lambert believes communicating is “difficult for [Biden] to do at this point” and is a “bad sign.”

The event was interrupted multiple times by protestors of Biden’s handling of the Israel – Hamas war as hundreds more protestors gathered outside. Obama and Clinton attempted to provide a “presidential perspective” of the war. The protestors were not receptive and continued to interrupt the former presidents.

Bill Kristol, founder of “Defending Democracy Together,” posted on X saying Thursday, was an “unfortunate day politically for the Democrats.” He was referencing the fact that while Biden was participating in a “fancy NYC fundraiser,” Donald Trump was on Long Island attending the wake of slain NYPD police officer, Jonathan Diller. Biden’s press secretary did not comment on Biden’s reason for missing the wake but said the president “grieves for the NYPD and honors their sacrifice.”

David Axelrod, a former senior advisor for Barak Obama came to Biden’s defense. Axelrod claims Kristol’s comments were “not wrong,” but believes in the “big scheme of things” the $25 million earned in the fundraiser will mean more than unfavorable appearances.

Lambert claims Donald Trump will raise at least $25 million during an upcoming fundraiser without the presence of “superstars.”

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