Border Tour Prompts Democrat Governor’s Plea to Biden

( – Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs (D) issued a stark plea for help from the Biden administration as the southern border crisis continues unabated. This marks the first time Hobbs has spoken out about the crisis after her inauguration in January.

In that January address, she floated the idea of using taxpayer money to pay for the college education of illegal immigrants, a stark contrast to where she appears to stand on the issue now.

The unprecedented number of illegals coming over the border is so high that the crossing at Lukeville had to be shut down to process them all. It’s been closed since early December and shows no signs of opening anytime soon. This means that legitimate travelers will have to go hours out of their way to cross the border.

Hobbs seems to get it now. She recently shot a video at the border where she indicated she had traveled there to see the situation firsthand. Hobbs stated that she “sent a letter” to the Biden administration asking for resources and manpower to reopen the crossing. It’s unlikely she’ll get any support, as President Biden has consistently ignored pleas from members of his own party.

Hobbs is reportedly mulling over activating the state’s National Guard, but why the mull? As time goes on, the problem continues to set new records, with more and more illegals hopping the border, facilitated by human traffickers, cartels, and other bad actors. On December 5th, Customs and Border Patrol officials speaking with Fox News said they had over 12,000 encounters just that day.

As of the morning of December 6th, CBP was holding over 22,000 illegals. Many of the shelters and holding accommodations were over capacity. In September, there were over 260,000 encounters, and in October, over 240,000.

Migrants from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East were all lined up waiting to gain entry outside the Lukeville processing center. One African migrant thanked Joe Biden for allowing them to come – clearly, the illegals know who’s responsible.

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