Brooklyn Democratic Party Leader Accuses Former Lawmaker of “White Supremacy”

( – Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairwoman, Rodneyse Bichotte-Hermelyn has accused an ex-assemblyman of discrimination against the local Asian community. According to Bichotte-Hermelyn, Peter Abbate discouraged the party from backing Pei “Sanny” Xia Chen Liu for a Democratic district leader post. Bichotte-Hermelyn claims Abbate sent a text message saying “big mistake” in reference to backing Liu. Liu is the wife of fallen NYPD officer Wenjian Liu.

The Chairwoman also claims Abbate convinced Jimmy Li not to run for Assembly in the 48th District. Abbate held the seat for 30 years until Republican Lester Change won the seat two years ago. Bichotte-Hermelyn believes Abbate is seeking to reclaim the position.

Bichotte-Hermelyn is quoted as saying the “white supremacy stuff” has to stop.

Susan Zhuang, a City Councilwoman, also accused Abbate of violating her personal space and verbally assaulting her during a recent community event. Zhuang called Abbate “sexist and misogynistic” as she declared his tactics would not stop her from exercising her democratic rights.

Abbate has denied the accusations made by Bichotte-Hermelyn and insists Zhuang is lying. He pointed out that he authored a law to benefit Sanny and Wenjian Liu’s daughter. Abbate also noted that state Senator Iwen Chu was his chief of staff before winning her seat. Abbate also insists he is backing Jimmy Li as a Democratic district leader.

This is not the first time Bichotte-Hermelyn has claimed “white supremacy” to be the cause of a problem. After a mass shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma in June 2022, Bichotte-Hermelyn posted on Twitter that “white supremacy” was clearly a factor in the shooting. The day after the Twitter post was made, police identified the suspect in the shooting as Michael Louis, a 45-year-old black man.

Bichotte-Hermelyn also claimed Brooklyn’s “wealthier whiter” neighborhoods were not shouldering their “fair share” of shelters regarding the migrant crisis last fall.

According to Abbate, Bichotte-Hermelyn is “sabotaging” the Democratic party in Brooklyn. He called her a disgrace and said she should resign.

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