Canadian Police Arrest Terror Suspect Who Was Planning Attacks On Jews

( – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) busted a minor from Ottawa who was alleged to be plotting a terror attack against Jews.

When the details are scrutinized, the minor child stands accused of two charges stemming from digital communications he made with an unidentified third party. The state alleges that the boy shared “instructional material” related to explosives and instructed someone to engage in criminal activity.

Authorities have not identified the alleged target of this supposed attack, but they have claimed that the suspect was “religiously motivated.”

The boy’s father said he is unaware of the specific offenses his son is alleged to have committed. Speaking with Global News, the man indicated that he was informed the RMCP had arrested his son by the boy’s mother under the suspicion he was planning an attack on Jews.

His father implied the charges were ridiculous, saying that he spent time with his son recently and that the boy was “fine” and seemed “normal.” He also suggested the child was “too young” to engage in terroristic behavior.

The government deployed a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives team during the arrest to demonstrate just how seriously they were taking the accusations.

The RMCP has been stepping up its efforts to combat antisemitism by busting multiple minors and ruining their young lives with accusations of terrorism. Officials say children are being ‘radicalized online,’ perhaps projecting their tendency to exaggerate.

Conservative politician Pierre Poilievre called it an “alleged terror plot targeting Jews,” while there’s no evidence of this plot available for public scrutiny. The only word available is coming from government sources who won’t even go on the record.

Numerous arrests have been happening around the world including four suspected Hamas terrorists busted in Europe in December. Unlike the situation in Canada, these men were identified as members of Hamas and had specific charges brought against them by the authorities. The individuals stand accused of attempting to locate a concealed weapons cache that had previously been left behind by other members of the conspiracy.

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