Christie Supports U.S. Intervention In Gaza, Slams DeSantis For Evasion

( – If elected president, 2024 Republican candidate and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stated on December 6th that he would “absolutely” send U.S. troops to rescue American hostages taken into Gaza by Hamas during the October 7th attack in Israel.

Christie commented while the candidates were answering a question during the fourth Republican primary debate, held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Vargas, and the Washington Free Beacon’s Eliana Johnson moderated the debate.

The candidates were asked how far they would go to release the hostages. Christie said if a plan was shown to him “that we could get them out safely,” that he would send in the Army to “get them home now.” Christie then attacked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ response. DeSantis appeared to avoid directly responding to the question, saying “We have to look out for our people when they’re hostages.” He also stated he would not allow American troops to be sitting ducks. DeSantis said Israel has a “right to eliminate Hamas,” adding that the United States should not direct its war effort. Instead, he said the U.S. “should work together” with the Israeli government.

Christie stated that “the problem with the first three debates” is that “Ron gets asked a question” that he doesn’t answer. Christie added that as president, you do not “have a choice whether to answer that question or not.”

Vivek Ramaswamy also jumped in to answer the question. He stated that the Oct. 7 attack was “medieval,” “subhuman,” and “immoral.” However, he added that it did not warrant American intervention.

Thirty-two Americans were among those killed in the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas that left over 1,200 dead. Hamas took more than 240 hostages into Gaza during the attack. A ceasefire resulted in the release of some of the hostages. However, there are still Americans and other hostages being held in Gaza by Hamas.

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