Cohen Says Trump Will Be Found Guilty of All Charges in Hush Money Case

( – Previously convicted lawyer for Donald Trump Michael Cohen believes that Trump will be found guilty on all charges in the New York hush-money case involving Stormy Daniels. It was alleged that Trump had slept with the actress who makes adult films for income and that he paid her to keep quiet about it. Those payments are the subject of Trump’s first criminal indictment in left-leaning New York state.

The Empire State’s Judge Arthur Engoron recently gave Letitia James her victory in her fraud case wherein she alleged Trump criminally overvalued his properties to secure loans. Those evaluations were disputed by the state’s experts, as well as financial experts called by Trump’s defense. Trump has called the cases against him sham trials and complete fabrications.

Speaking with CNN, Cohen said that the evidence he was aware of and the corroborating testimony would likely result in Trump being found guilty on all the charges. He additionally suggested the case would last for a month.

Trump’s team had attempted to argue that it was election interference to hold the trial during his bid for the GOP nomination. Trump is all but guaranteed a victory and will likely be the Republican nominee; he currently holds a ~30-point lead over remaining contender Nikki Haley who many have dismissed (or hailed) as a Democrat in disguise.

Jury selection in the hush-money case will begin on March 25th. After the date was set, Trump suggested that the decision was a “disgrace” and said he’d simply “figure it out.”

Cohen is also under subpoena to testify in the case, he suggested he wasn’t looking forward to it, calling the situation “not fun.” He added that attorneys will use “personal” and “nasty” details to impugn his credibility.

Trump is also under indictment in Georgia, though that case is rapidly falling apart. Fani Willis testified, along with her boyfriend Nathan Wade, and his lawyer over a two-day hearing on February 15th and 16th. Critical commentators suggested that went over terribly for Willis, who came across as a domineering and aggressive witness when she took the stand.

Trump is also facing charges related to retaining documents after he left the Oval Office, that case is also ongoing.

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