Community Outraged over Biden Border Visit

( – President Joe Biden intends to visit Brownsville, TX on Thursday, February, 29th. Deborah Bell, a Brownsville resident, proclaimed on Fox News Live that residents in Brownsville are “not happy” about Biden’s visit.

Bell provided a video that shows what she claims to be a “drug drop” on the street in broad daylight. Another resident also provided a video for Bell that appears to show a gate opening in the border fence allowing migrants to board a bus that will take them straight to a processing center. According to Bell, many residents are upset that Biden is coming to visit Brownsville, especially now. They believe he is only making an appearance to better his chances in the upcoming presidential election.

Former president Donald Trump is also scheduled to make an appearance at the border on Thursday by visiting Eagle Pass, TX. President Biden told reporters that he scheduled his trip without the knowledge of Trump’s visit being scheduled for the same day, referencing Trump as his “good friend.” The political rivals will be visiting the Texas border with 325 miles between them.

Biden’s appearance in Brownsville will be his second visit to the border as president. He visited El Paso in January 2023. The White House advises that Biden intends to meet with law enforcement and local leaders in Brownsville. Discussions will include topics such as border security, technology to detect fentanyl, and more funding for additional Border Patrol Agents.

Biden has been considering an executive order that would shut down the border under certain conditions. The order would close the border to new arrivals in the event the daily average exceeds 5000 migrants in the span of a week, or if more than 8,500 migrants attempt to cross the border on any given day.

Brownsville citizens expressed their opinion that Biden’s planned visit is “too little, too late.” They believe the damage has already occurred due to Biden’s lack of action and perceive his visit to be his chance to see the “destruction” firsthand.

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