Congressman’s Childish Stunt Caught on Camera

( – Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) is in hot water after he pulled a fire alarm on Saturday, September 30th. Bowman claims he was rushing to get to a vote on a continuing resolution to fund the federal government and avert a shutdown when he pulled the alarm, delaying the vote and triggering an evacuation of the Cannon Office Building.

Now, new pictures of the door and device indicate they are clearly marked as an emergency exit and a fire alarm, despite Bowman’s claims that the door was “usually open.” The alarm itself is a traditional-style pull alarm, red with the word “FIRE” across the down. “PUSH IN PULL DOWN” the device reads, making it very difficult to claim a mistake in comprehension.

Democrats were also struggling to delay the vote, making Bowman’s behavior all the more suspicious.

Bowman apologized for the “mistake” saying he thought it would open the door, which it does, in an emergency when you pull the fire alarm. Bowman’s chief of staff Sarah Iddrissu furthered the claim saying Bowman didn’t realize the device triggered a fire alarm, convincing no one.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) pointed out that there’s ample signage to indicate the door is an emergency exit and only opens when the fire alarm is pulled. He called Bowman reckless.

Donald Trump said Bowman should be arrested and charged for interrupting an official proceeding, the same allegations weaponized against January 6th protesters. Trump asked if Bowman would be prosecuted for the crime of intentionally triggering the fire alarm to delay the vote.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-SC) agreed with Trump and compared the fire alarm pull to January 6th, saying Bowman should be treated just like the protesters. She also pointed out that Bowman used to be a school principal so he’s quite familiar with how fire alarms work. She noted that Democrats were stalling for time before the vote when the alarm was conveniently pulled by Bowman.

Obstructing an official proceeding is illegal and was frequently used against the January 6th protesters who entered the Capitol. Bowman denies that was his intention.

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