Conor McGregor Under Investigation in Ireland

( – Former UFC champ Conor McGregor is being scrutinized by Irish authorities for a series of posts on X (Twitter) where he suggested Ireland was “at war” following a stabbing attack on school children by an African immigrant. Irish authorities were concerned McGregor’s comment could be considered “hate speech.”

McGregor’s status as one of the most famous Irishmen alive and 60 million followers on X makes him incredibly influential, and the left-leaning authorities don’t like contradictory narratives. He further suggested that Irish property remains in the hands of Irish people.

Violent riots took place on Thursday, November 23rd in Ireland while most Americans were enjoying the annual Thanksgiving holiday. A suspect of Algerian descent viciously attacked five people outside of a school, wounding two adults and three children which led to protests and riots over the following weekend.

There were 34 arrests of the cohort estimated to be around 500 rioters in total. Some of them set a police car on fire as well as a bus. They also caused damage to several buildings. Public transportation was temporarily suspended during the disruption.

Irish Garda commissioner Drew Harris blamed “far-right ideology” for the wave of violence, while McGregor challenged that narrative. McGregor chastised the government and police for its failure to protect the citizenry from a “mentally deranged non-national.” McGregor suggested that had they been more careful with who they let in the country the attacks wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

He further stated he didn’t endorse or condone rioting or violent outbursts, theft, or assaults on first responders. He stated that outbursts don’t address the root problem. He was sympathetic to the frustrations and promised action on behalf of the people of Ireland, “there will be change” he said.

Much like in America with its southern border crisis, Ireland has succumbed to waves of illegal immigration and refugee resettlement by its leftist leaders. Instead of stopping criminal migrants and illegals, the government is directing its ire toward McGregor.

This comes at a time when Irish politicians have gone viral for their claims that sacrificing freedoms is required for safety and a leftist bill that would give the government even more power to regulate speech online. Irish officials have commented before in the press suggesting that any sentiments opposing immigration would be “essentially inciting hate.”

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