Daughter’s Complaint Started Motorcycle Club Gunbattle That Killed 2, Wounded 3

(BrightPress.org) – Violence rang out at a Denver motorcycle club bar, leaving two men dead and two others arrested for murder. The incident took place at around 3 a.m. on November 5th. The daughter of one of the now accused men, Todd Washington, 40, called her father and said that one of the security guards at the club ‘put his hands on her.’

After the call, Washington and Shon McPherson, 32, headed toward the front of Hell’s Lovers Motorcycle Club and confronted security guards Michael David, 43, and Joshua Batts, 39, on the sidewalk. After some words were exchanged, both parties began shooting at each other. When the gunfire was over, Batts and David were dead, Washington and McPherson were wounded, and three other people were injured.

The sidewalk, street, and nearby parking lot were left littered with blood, empty magazine cases, discarded cartridges, damaged vehicles, and buildings pockmarked from errant shots.

Upon obtaining a search warrant police found a storage shed attached to the bar that contained a weapons cache including an AR-15 style rifle and multiple handguns. Video surveillance showed an SUV turning on its lights and multiple females arguing on the street before leaving once gunfire broke out.

Washington was taken by ambulance to Denver Medical Health Center for his gunshot wounds. McPherson was found at Rose Medical Center where he’d been dropped off by a black SUV to be treated for his wounds. McPherson told investigators that he saw the shooting because it happened right in front of him but was unable to offer any other information about it. Court documents read that both Washington and McPherson were “clearly armed” with firearms during the shooting.

McPherson and Washington are being held on $3 million bail at the Denver Downtown Detention Center. Washington will appear in court this week and McPherson is set to appear in early December.

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