DeSantis Calls Newsom a “Slick and Slippery” Politician

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) recently engaged in a debate on Fox News where the pair traded barbs over DeSantis’ flailing campaign and human excrement on the streets of San Francisco. The debate saw the two exchange multiple insults and pointed innuendo, with Newsom suggesting DeSantis is 40 points behind Trump for the Republican nomination while DeSantis called Newsom “slick and slippery.”

Newsom took delight in suggesting neither of them would be on the ballot in 2024, though that would be a tacit acknowledgment that the sprawling indictments against Donald Trump would ultimately fail to keep Trump off the ballot.

The 90-minute debate was hosted by Fox News regular Sean Hannity, and billed as “The Great Red vs Blue State Debate.”

DeSantis suggested California was a failed state. DeSantis is attempting to garner more support while most of the Republican electorate seems firmly united behind former President Donald Trump. Newsom has been accused of running a shadow campaign with many commentators suspecting he’ll replace Joe Biden as the Democrat’s nominee by the time the convention rolls around in 2024.

Joe Biden has been embroiled in controversy stemming from his financial involvement in his son, Hunter, and brother, James’ business deals overseas. Most recently, Republicans in the House Oversight Committee traced funds that ended up in Joe Biden’s bank account directly to the Chinese Communist Party.

Both Newsom and DeSantis are capped by term limits, meaning neither can run for governor of their respective states again. Newsom swears up and down he won’t run in 2024, and instead remains a staunch apologist for the Biden campaign and maintains he’s proud of their administration.

DeSantis used the event to get more face-time with voters and fundraise. He highlighted California’s extreme lockdown policies while Newsom claimed there were unnecessary deaths in Florida due to their refusal to lock down. Newsom also pointed out that DeSantis did lock Florida down for a few months in 2020.

The Trump campaign took the opportunity to insult both men, suggesting DeSantis should “actually campaign” instead of “debating a Grade-A loser like Gavin Newsom.”

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