“Detransitioner Bill Of Rights” Models Legislation For States Opposing Gender Ideology

(BrightPress.org) – Medical nonprofit Do No Harm has put out some model legislation that gives state lawmakers guidelines on what potential changes to the law can benefit detransitioners while stemming the tide of children being medically altered due to early exposure to radical gender ideology.

“Detransitioners” refers to people who have gone through some kind of chemical or surgical “gender transition” who then later change their mind and revert back to their birth gender.

The Destransitioner Bill Of Rights is crafted specifically to aid those who engaged in medical gender transitions but have come to regret their decision. Many detransitioners have reported feeling swindled and denied full informed consent. They’ve reported medical providers who failed to inform them of the risks and side effects of the procedures, including loss of reproductive potential as well as losing the ability to experience an orgasm.

The bill would give these people access to financial resources, should they need help detransitioning, as well as specifically outline their right to sue providers in civil court for damages. Dr. Stanley Goldfarb is the chairman of Do No Harm, and he wants to see professionals in the field publicly acknowledge the existence of detransitioners and support them just as much as they supported them when they believed they were transgendered.

He also said that the legislation would help stem the tide of young people who are getting approved for these treatments. The bill would make providers financially responsible for covering the cost of detransitioning or getting reconstructive cosmetic surgeries and hormone treatments that attempt to mitigate or reverse their transitions. Unfortunately, certain procedures can never be reversed, which is why preventing minors and young adults from making permanent medical decisions is so important to him and his organization.

A major point in the bill is to demand full informed consent, including specifically enumerating to patients that puberty blockers can impact bone density, and trigger heart disease, a stroke, or cancer. They also risk permanent sterilization.

The legislation also gives patients the right to sue providers for damages, including attorney’s fees, which would significantly dent their profit margins. It makes providers liable for psychological and physiological complications that result within 25 years of the procedures.

Twenty-two states have already banned gender transitions for minors entirely, this legislation is considered the next step in the battle by advocates and destransitioners themselves.

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