DOJ Accuses Four Russian Soldiers of War Crimes Against an American Citizen

( – The Justice Department has deployed charges against four Russian soldiers in connection with the alleged treatment of an American national who was living in southern Ukraine with his Ukrainian wife when the war began.

The indictment was filed in the Eastern District of Virginia with the DOJ acknowledging that this is the first time Russians were charged in the U.S. for war crimes. The charges include inhuman treatment, torture, unlawful arrest, and conspiracy charges.

They stem from the abduction of an unnamed U.S. national who alleges he was abducted by Russian soldiers, beaten, interrogated, threatened with death, held naked, and endured a mock execution, wherein they told him they were going to kill him and then shot next to his head.

The indictment names four Russian soldiers, two of whom are listed only by their first names.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the charges calling them an “important step toward accountability” for Russia invading Ukraine. He claimed that they’ll “never stop” until they can bring the accused to justice, however, he did not indicate how he planned to do that given they don’t even have the last names of two of the four accused and all four are Russian nationals.

Biden’s DOJ making a spectacle of allegations against Russians at a time when support for the war in Ukraine has slogged could be seen as a public relationship puff piece reminding everyone about the brutality of the Russians.

Biden’s administration has previously declined to intervene in the case of Gonzalo Lira, an American journalist being held in Ukraine on accusations of ‘aiding the Russians’ with his critical coverage. The Ukrainian authorities accused Lira of revealing the identities of its soldiers and their locations to the Russians via his coverage.

While there hasn’t been any evidence of torture in Lira’s case, Tucker Carlson recently highlighted how Lira has essentially been imprisoned in Ukraine for speaking unpopular sentiments.

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