Eric Adams Blames His Political Struggles on Race

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave a brief speech recently wherein he blamed his political difficulties on the fact that he’s black. He highlighted how his all-black administration is “representative” of the city’s population, of which black people are roughly 20%. Adams also compared himself to Jesus during his screed.

Adams has been faced with numerous complaints about the southern border crisis resulting in swarms of illegals flooding the city. The number of illegals who have sought support in NYC is over 170,000 in total, according to Adams. He’s faced criticism from within and without his own party. Leftists in favor of open borders have called him conservative in the pages of the New York Times.

Adams is also being scrutinized by the FBI for allegations he received foreign monies from Turkey. Curiously, the allegations and investigation only manifested after Adams attempted to lobby the Biden administration to do something about the border crisis.

During his comments, Adams highlighted the largely black staff in his administration telling them to “stand up” and saying the people needed to see them. He then asked the crowd if they ever saw “this much chocolate” amongst the city’s leadership and said his administration was “representative.”

The 2020 census showed that NYC did not have a nearly 100% black population, as the mayor implied, but that the breakdown was roughly 31% white, 29% Latino, 20% black, 15.6% Asian, and less than 1% Native American.

Adams also suggested that we were in “a Matthew 21 and 12 moment,” and then shared the parable of Jesus entering the temple and flipping tables when he realized those inside were engaged in financial misdeeds. He then suggested he became the mayor to “turn the table over,” comparing himself to Christ.

Adams highlighted that he installed the first black woman police commissioner, leaving out that she resigned after just 18 months amidst heavy negative criticism about crime in the city.

Adams finished his remarks by suggesting Mayor David Dinkins, a former NYC mayor who was also a black man, passed legislation that allowed his successor, Rudy Giuliani, to benefit. Giuliani is largely credited with making the city dramatically safer during his tenure.

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