Explosion Reported Outside Alabama Attorney General’s Office

(BrightPress.org) – Alabama Attorney General, Steve Marshall, issued a statement Monday about an explosive device discovered outside his office in Montgomery over the weekend. On Saturday, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) was called to investigate a suspicious package in the area near Washington Avenue and South Bainbridge Street. Upon investigation, it was discovered the package was an explosive device that had been detonated early Saturday morning. Details about the type of explosive device or why it was detonated near the AG’s office have not been provided.

Multiple agencies including ALEA’s Hazardous Device Unit, ATF agents, ALEA’s Protective Services Division, and Montgomery police responded to the scene and concluded there was no continued danger to the area due to the presence of the explosive device. No injuries were reported. No property was damaged as a result of the device being detonated. Jeremy Burkett, ALEA Sgt, told reporters that the State Bureau of Investigation was notified about the incident on Monday morning. The investigation is ongoing with ALEA taking the lead.

Although no motive has been determined, the incident occurred about a week after a ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court classifying frozen embryos as unborn children. Multiple IVF clinics paused or ceased operation after the Supreme Court ruling. According to AG Marshall, in an announcement on Friday, his office did not intend to prosecute families seeking IVF treatment or IVF providers. Many families awaiting IVF treatment have been left in the lurch wondering if the fallout from the Supreme Court’s decision will prevent them from being able to have children.

President Joe Biden was quoted as saying the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling in this matter to be “outrageous and unacceptable.” President Biden says he will be sending a “top health official” to Alabama to speak with doctors and patients about these issues.

There is no official connection between the explosive device and the Supreme Court decision regarding frozen embryos other than the fact that AG Marshall’s office is only two blocks from the State Capitol where the Court’s ruling was handed down on February 16th.

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