Explosions Cause New York Buildings to Tremble

Monkeypox Cases Rise in NYC, State of Emergency Declared

(BrightPress.org) – A series of booms shook New York City on Tuesday, January 2nd around 6 a.m. The New York Fire Department reported to Newsweek that they received a call to 580 Main Street, just south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge and Tram, regarding a series of small explosions on the small island between Manhattan and Queens.

Residents in both Manhattan and Queens reported hearing multiple small explosions while some even felt buildings shake.

One resident posted on X (Twitter) that they heard three booms and felt the building shaking. Another reported feeling their building at 66th and 1st shake.

ABC7 reported power loss to many buildings on Roosevelt Island. They said buildings south of River Road had lost power. The fire department turned over handling to Con Edison as the problem seems to have been electrical in nature and they could find no evidence of fire or damage.

Residents of the area were warned that road closures and other disruptions were possible due to work in the area. Mass transit disruptions were also possible.

Last month a brief power disruption across the city resulted from an equipment failure. Con Ed reported then that the outage was due to a failure of a power transmission line at a substation somewhere in Brooklyn late in the evening on December 14th.

Con Ed President Matt Ketschke said that high-voltage equipment failed and caused a short circuit. He pointed out that the loss of power was very brief and that many only experienced their lights flickering for a moment.

The cause of the disturbances on the 2nd is still unclear, though a new report from the U.S. Geological Survey added that a small earthquake happened in Astoria, Queens, at 5:45 a.m. right before the explosions were reported. The quake registered 1.7 on the Richter scale according to the USGS.

Local officials have yet to announce their findings and Con Edison continues to investigate. Mayor Eric Adams’s office said they were waiting for more information before making any official announcements regarding the incident.

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