Fake Bomb Threats Sent to School Districts Across the Country

(BrightPress.org) – A nationwide bomb threat hoax from alleged ‘Russian terrorists’ had schools scrambling over the weekend. NBC affiliate 21 WFMJ is reporting that several schools in Ohio were targeted with fake bomb threats that claimed “multiple explosives” had been placed in school buildings in the area.

Officials at the schools acknowledged that they received the email threats and reported sweeping the schools with local police. They also contacted the FBI who informed them that the threat was not credible based on similar hoaxes being enacted around the country.

Kate Keller with the Trumbull County Educational Service Center said several schools in Trumbull County received threats via email from bad actors claiming to be Russian terrorists. She said that their local law enforcement also deemed the threat not credible.

Representatives for Ohio Attorney General David Yost confirmed the state is aware of the threat against multiple schools. FBI spokesmen with their Cleveland office told 21 WFMJ that they were aware of the hoax and were still assessing how many schools were affected.

Many schools were swept by local law enforcement for explosives and deemed safe.

The FBI also published a statement indicating their awareness of the situation and stating they were working with partner organizations and law enforcement in all local places where threats have been made. They further added they had no information to suggest the threats were credible, and urged the public to remain alert and to report any suspicious activity or individuals.

The situation in Ohio follows a similar pattern in Texas where multiple schools received bomb threat hoaxes. Bosque County Sheriff Trace Hendricks said that roughly 50 Texas schools were threatened. He stated that they believed the attack was a hoax and they were investigating to attempt to discover the source of the emails.

Similar to Ohio, they upped patrols and encouraged vigilance. The FBI issued the same statement to Texas officials and media in response, explaining the situation was a hoax and that they were working with local and state partners.

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