FBI/CDC Hides Data Showing Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shooters

(BrightPress.org) – Previously employee at the Department of Justice and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center Dr. John Lott said that the FBI and CDC are publishing biased data regarding mass shootings, deliberately ignoring defensive gun use by armed civilians. In his new report, Lott argued that political ideology has subverted the data regarding gun crime and how the FBI and CDC report their findings to the public.

In a conversation with One America’s John Hines, Lott discusses his research showing that 41% of mass shooting events were stopped by armed civilians. Crucially, when you only look at incidents outside of so-called “gun-free zones,” 63% of incidents were stopped by a “good guy with a gun” despite leftist claims that it’s a myth.

Lott claims that the Biden administration is deliberately not counting these kinds of incidents, pretending they do not exist. Lott said that this has been a problem “for a number of years.” The FBI publishes active shooting reports which are particular in what kinds of events they count. Lott’s job at the DOJ was to evaluate the reports published by the FBI and he found then that they were ignoring cases where civilians had used their own guns to stop an attack.

Lott said they never fixed the problem. When asked why, Lott suggests that gun control groups like the Gun Violence Archive are putting pressure on these organizations. He cited the example of how GVA worked in concert with the Biden administration to get the CDC to delete everything about defensive gun use from its website.

Hines suggested that bad data leads to bad policy which could explain why they favor gun control laws so much. Lott said this is one of many reasons he has a problem with crime data originating from the FBI. He believes that the politics have skewed their reporting and caused them to deliberately and deceptively misrepresent mass shooting data in order to conceal the fact that armed civilians are an effective deterrent to mass shooters.

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