Federal Workers to Receive Pay Raise

(BrightPress.org) – The White House is continuing to advance a proposal to boost the wages of federal workers across the board with a 5.2% raise. The announcement on Thursday, August 31st shared an open letter President Biden’s office sent to Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Biden’s office had first pushed the idea in his 2024 budget outline. His handlers will use a bit of law reserved for national emergencies to rationalize the increase. Typically, past raises have been under 5%. In 2022, Biden raised the average pay by 4.6% for civilians working for the federal government. In 2021, they approved a raise of 2.7%, for comparison.

According to The Washington Post, it’ll be the biggest raise in over 40 years. The letter speaks to attracting, recruiting, and retaining “a skilled workforce.” He also mentions “fair compensation” being required to facilitate the business of government. He rationalizes the raise as being commensurate with the market for similar work.

The actual raise won’t go into effect until early next year, and Biden will first have to have his people write out an executive order for him to sign to solidify the process.

Federal employees may be thankful they’re getting raises, but most of the country disapproves of the job the Biden administration is doing. When asked about their low poll numbers on the campaign trail, Kamala Harris’ response was called “delusional” by Twitchy writers.

The interaction was caught on video, Harris says that everywhere she’s been, from rural to urban areas, “people are thankful.” Harris was severely booed at a basketball game at her alma mater in March, suggesting her characterization of universal gratitude may not be totally accurate.

A poll from August 28th confirms most people think Joe Biden is too old to be president. The corruption surrounding Biden and his family’s financial dealings is too obvious to ignore.

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