Fetterman Advocates for Israel’s Self-Defense Capability

(BrightPress.org) – Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman makes no bones about his staunch support for the Jewish community and the state of Israel. His hometown is just a few miles from the site of the deadliest attack on Jews in recent history, the Squirrel Hill massacre of 2018. The support is earning him appreciation from the Jewish community and their allies.

David Knoll is upset that the Democratic party seems to side with Hamas in the conflict. He’s challenging local councilwoman Bethany Hallam for her seat. Hallam is also a Democrat who has posted criticism of Israel on social media.

Knoll himself resides in Squirrel Hill and is impressed by Fetterman’s ability to stand his ground in support of Israel while members of his own party are opposed.

Fetterman said he didn’t care about being popular with the Democrats in a recent interview with the Washington Examiner. He said he wasn’t “worried about labels” or how people want to label him. Fetterman said his style is to be clear about his opinions and believes he’s on the “right side of this issue.”

Continuing, he suggested Israel was “our key, closest ally,” and emphasized the need to support the Jewish state. Fetterman added that he believed the correct approach to achieve peace in the region is a two-state solution, and that Israel must effectively destroy Hamas.

Knoll said that members of the Jewish community in Squirrel Hill have been concerned by antisemitic graffiti that has been popping up in the area, and said that Israeli flags have been burned outside of Jewish residences. An online threat against a synagogue last week was determined to be not credible but local police were still investigating.

Fetterman proudly declared himself an ally to local Jews and asked constituents to contact his office should they need help.

Fetterman offered support and encouragement to Philadelphia business owner and Pittsburgh native Michael Solomonov. Solomonov’s vegan falafel shop, Goldie, has been the target of protesters’ ire. During a recent protest in Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philadelphia, pro-Palestinian protesters associated Goldie with genocide in a chant and marched to the restaurant. They tagged businesses with pro-Palestinian stickers on the way.

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