Former WH Attorney Suggests the 11th Circuit Might Remove Cannon from Trump Case

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( – Ty Cobb, former White House attorney during the Trump administration, said he believes Judge Aileen Cannon will be removed from Trump’s classified documents case.

Former president Donald Trump faces 40 felony counts in Florida. He is accused of hoarding classified documents at his home in Mar-a-Lago after leaving the White House at the end of his presidential term and subsequently obstructing government efforts to retrieve them.

Cannon recently dismissed Trump’s bid to have the charges dismissed but has delayed ruling on whether the Presidential Records Act (PRA) plays a part in the case. Trump’s legal team claims the case should be dismissed because the PRA says personal documents can be taken when a president leaves the White House. Trump’s attorneys argue that it was inferred the documents had been designated as personal property when they were moved to Mar-a-lago.

Jack Smith, special counsel for the prosecution says the documents cannot be covered under the PRA because of their classified content. Smith submitted a 24-page filing requesting Judge Cannon quickly decide the validity of the PRA defense by rejecting Trump’s motion to dismiss the case based on the PRA. The motion to dismiss has been on her desk for almost six weeks. Canon has delayed multiple decisions in this case for months. If the trial is delayed past the 2024 presidential elections and Trump wins he could order the charges to be dismissed.

Cobb said during an appearance on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, it is “remarkable” that Cannon has not set a trial date and has “ignored” a request from several months ago to set a schedule under the Classified Information Procedures Act. He called her slow progress “extraordinary” and believes she has already “doomed” the case from starting before the presidential election.

Cobb said Cannon would likely be removed from the case by the 11th Circuit Court if she doesn’t rule quickly about whether the PRA plays a part, which would put Smith in a position to “take her up” to the 11th Circuit.

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