George Santos Takes Legal Action for Jimmy Kimmel Diss

( – Infamous former member of the House George Santos is suing late-night host Jimmy Kimmel after the latter purchased a series of Cameo videos from Santos which were used as comedic fodder for Kimmel’s show.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. district court in New York’s southern district and named Kimmel, Disney, and ABC as defendants. None of them have provided comments on the lawsuit at this time.

Santos was kicked out of Congress after a federal indictment and House investigation alleged multiple potential violations of campaign finance law as well as other allegations. Santos infamously lied about his work experience before his election in 2022 which triggered a series of investigations revealing evidence of wrongdoing. The allegations ironically include several counts of fraud.

Kimmel’s team lied about who they were and paid Santos to produce over a dozen cameo messages for a bit entitled “Will Santos Say It?” In one request, Kimmel’s team elicited a congratulatory message for someone who won a beef-eating contest. In another, Santos was asked to congratulate a woman who cloned her dog, Adolf. In a third example, Santos rambles incoherently relaying a story that barely makes sense while the audience laughs.

Santos’ lawyer Robert Fantone said that while the videos were funny, his behavior was a “clear violation of copyright law.” Santos’ complaint is seeking $750,000 for Kimmel playing five of his videos on the show as well as additional penalties to be determined at trial.

Santos will be tried in September on allegations he committed multiple acts of fraud himself. He’s previously suggested he’s intent on running for election again regardless.

A few of his fibs include claims he worked for a major Wall Street firm, went to an Ivy League college, was a big-shot volleyball player, and claimed he was Jewish. That last one was hilariously defended by Santos suggesting he had a lot of Jewish friends and thus felt “Jew-ish” growing up.

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