Hillary Clinton Slams Trump for Dictatorial Tactics

(BrightPress.org) – Hillary Clinton appeared as a guest on the podcast “Democracy Docket” hosted by her old friend Marc Elias. During the interview, Clinton expressed concerns about presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Clinton told Elias she believes Trump is envious of Russian President Vladimir Putin for his tactics involving killing and imprisoning his opposition and exiling journalists who discredit him. Clinton said Trump models himself after leaders he views as “strongmen” such as Putin, Xi, and Kim Jong-un.

Clinton used her appearance on the podcast to steer American voters away from a potentially “autocratic” Trump and towards a more “effective and compassionate” Joe Biden. She continued to bash Trump, calling him “old”, even though he is four years Biden’s junior, and harped on Trump’s criminal indictments.

Current polls show that voters are more concerned with Biden’s advanced age than Trump’s. A DailyMail.com exclusive poll from early April indicates only 38 percent of those polled and likely to vote in 2024 believe Biden will survive another term. Thirty-six percent believe Vice President Kamala Harris will be president before the end of the term if Biden is re-elected. More than 50 percent of those polled are confident that Trump would still be alive and in office at the end of the term if he were to be elected.

The irony in Clinton’s remarks comparing Trump to Putin is the long-running joke that people with unfavorable information or opinions about the Clintons end up dead from “unusual circumstances.” Investigative journalist Danny Casolaro coined the term “Clinton Body Count” in reference to multiple conspiracy theories involving mysterious deaths of people linked to the Clintons in the late 1980s.

Clinton has also avoided being prosecuted for destroying thousands of government emails that were improperly stored on a private server in her home and for the fake Steele dossier that connected Trump to Putin.

A campaign spokesperson for Trump told the Washington Examiner that Clinton is “delusional” and suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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