House Votes to Impeach Mayorkas

( – The House successfully impeached Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, approving the measure by just 1 vote in a 214-213 split. The vote was an indictment of Biden’s open border policy which has resulted in roughly 5-10 million illegals coming into the country during his administration. The Democrats don’t hide their intention to naturalize and grant voting rights to them. Many even believe they’re here legally and can vote already!

Republicans had tried and failed in an earlier vote, but Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was absent due to cancer treatment. Republicans only had the votes they needed with his return to the House.

President Joe Biden wasn’t happy. He suggested “history will not look kindly” on Republicans for their vote to impeach Mayorkas. Perhaps he’s confusing his personal opinions with “history” as he’s frequently confused. He further suggested Mayorkas was “an honorable public servant” and said the impeachment was somehow “unconstitutional,” despite all legal processes being followed precisely.

Mayorkas faces two articles charging that he “willfully and systematically” refuses to obey current immigration laws. Mayorkas has instead implemented Biden’s de facto open borders policy which allows migrants, criminals, and human traffickers to abuse the asylum system.

He’s also facing allegations he lied to Congress when he reported that the border was secure. Given regular incursions by cartels trafficking drugs and people, it seems like a legitimate charge. Republicans have alleged that cartels have “operational control” of parts of the border.

Democrats claim Republicans are making much ado about nothing, and call the southern border crisis a policy dispute. They’ve also infamously blamed Republicans for the crisis. Republicans also have a concurrent impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden for his litany of questionable financial transactions involving family members and foreign sources of funding.

Whether or not the Senate initiates a trial against Mayorkas is another matter. The upper chamber is controlled by Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and he could simply opt not to hold a trial while keeping the issue locked up in a committee until November.

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