Hunter to Informally Advise Joe on Impeachment Inquiry

( – A New York Times puff piece for the Biden administration is playing up the close relationship between President Joe Biden and First Son Hunter Biden. The article relays how the father-son pair “occasionally” talk about politics, with Hunter Biden giving his father advice on speech-craft and how to handle adversity.

The Times described their relationship as intense, relaying sentiments from sources who are familiar with both father and son. Biden’s circle has previously criticized him for being “too deferential” to Hunter, suggesting Biden has a problem telling his youngest son “no.”

The Times piece calls that “devotion to his son.” It also suggests the younger Biden continues to advise his father, even after both men are under intense scrutiny by investigations in Congress and the Department of Justice.

Hunter Biden’s plea deal on gun and tax evasion charges collapsed back in August when a little constitutional scrutiny from a judge forced the two sides to reconsider. A key point in the agreement falling apart was whether or not Hunter Biden was still under investigation for other criminal activity. Prosecutors said “he was,” while refusing to elaborate further.

His lawyers expected the deal to terminate any ongoing investigations as well as mitigate the potential for future charges from the same time period. It would have also given Hunter Biden a jail-free resolution to the charges, which included skipping taxes on $1.5 million he acquired through family business deals in 2017 and 2018 and a gun charge that carried a maximum penalty of 10 years if convicted at the time of the offense.

Even CNN’s viewers think Joe Biden is a crook. A recent survey found 61% of those asked thought he was involved in his family’s financial dealings. Only 38% believed he wasn’t involved. Just 1% acknowledged his involvement but suggested there was nothing wrong with it.

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