Israel Accused of Hiring Mercenaries to Kill Palestinians

( – After the October 7th surprise attack by Hamas against Israel the Israeli military activated roughly 360,000 reservists both in the country and abroad. Hamas’s fighting force is estimated to be 30-40,000 men currently occupying tunnels and bombed-out buildings in Gaza’s northern half.

Foreign mercenaries have also traveled to Israel, and their presence was indicated by a report from a Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, that published remarks from one of the mercenaries who claimed they were running border control between Gaza and Jordan. There is no border between Gaza and Jordan. He may have mislabeled the Golan Heights which is a disputed territory between Israel and Syria that shares a border with Jordan.

The quote came from Pedro Diaz Flores, a Spanish national who previously made headlines discussing his work with the infamous neo-Nazi Azov battalion in Ukraine.

Flores suggested the Israelis “pay very well.” saying he was receiving 3,900 euros per week, plus bonuses. His story is contradicted by an Israeli military spokesman who claimed they have “no knowledge of this case.” He was previously presumed dead by the Russians after fighting in Ukraine. El Mundo is reporting otherwise, though it’s unclear how they established his identity.

Flores claims that private military contractors are all over Israel, but that their roles are limited to security and border control. He claims they are not involved in fighting Hamas directly.

Last month shortly after the news of the Hamas surprise attacks broke, social media reports began to circulate that mercenaries who were previously working for Ukraine are shifting their interests to Israel. The fighting in Ukraine has stalled, especially as the winter in the area limits combat to long-range strikes.

Viral videos have been shown to be faked which appeared to suggest the Israeli military was targeting Ukrainians for recruitment. The number of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine has shifted throughout the conflict, with as many as 20,000 fighters from abroad being reportedly involved per statements from the Ukrainian military.

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