Israeli Military Post Struck with New Hezbollah Weaponry

( – Israeli military officials said three soldiers were injured after a drone fired two missiles at a military post in northern Israel. One of the soldiers sustained serious injuries. Hezbollah took credit for the attack.

Hezbollah and Israel have regularly exchanged missile fire across the border since the war in Gaza began on October 7th, 2023. Hezbollah has been ramping up the intensity of the attacks in response to the Israeli military conducting an operation in Rafah.

Lebanese political analyst Faisal Abdul-Sater claims Hezbollah is sending a message to Israel that they are capable of doing damage and could do more if desired. Hezbollah appears to have been emboldened by Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel in April.

A few days before Thursday’s attack, Hezbollah targeted an Israeli military post west of Tiberias. The base was said to have control over a surveillance balloon that crossed the border. Israel’s military confirmed the balloon had been taken down over Lebanon. Hezbollah said the swarm of drones hit their intended target and “accomplished what it wanted.” The Israeli military did not comment. Israeli media reported damage resulting from a drone explosion. There were no casualties. This attack occurred one day after Hussein Mekki, a Hezbollah field commander, was killed during an Israeli strike. Mekki was responsible for attacks against Israeli civilians since early October.

Abdul-Sater said an Iran-led coalition that includes Hamas promised more military escalation if Israel launches a full-scale invasion of Rafah.

Hezbollah also endured an attack on Thursday. Anonymous sources said an Israeli drone targeted a car traveling between Qana and Ramadiyeh in Tyre, killing the occupants including Ali Fawzi Ayoub, a local Hezbollah official.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech that the fighting along the Lebanon-Israel border will not end until Israel ceases military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Defense Minister, gave a speech last week vowing to “hit Hamas,” “destroy Hezbollah,” and “bring security.”

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