Israeli Prime Minister Says AI Revolution Could Be Catastrophic

( – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) at a United Nations meeting on September 22nd. Netanyahu suggested the technology could be a curse or a blessing, depending on how it is regulated.

He called the progress AI has made something that is happening at “lightning speed,” comparing the shift to the agricultural and industrial revolutions of the past. He suggested we only have a few years to grapple with the advances AI brings.

He pointed out a few potential pitfalls, including job loss, mass deception, and use in other criminal activity, including hacking. He also alluded to the danger of technology controlling people instead of the other way around.

Netanyahu suggested the impact could disrupt democracy on a global scale and that this technology could be used as a catastrophic weapon of war. He called for nations developing the technology to work together to address the pitfalls. He then enumerated the potential benefits of the technology.

Netanyahu said we could learn how to crack the genetic code, extend human life, and mitigate the impact of aging and disease. He said predictive medicine, uniquely tailored to the individual, is just one possibility. He also spoke of robots that assist the elderly or infirm and an end to vehicular traffic through the use of self-driving cars.

Netanyahu suggested education could also be augmented and custom-tailored to fit the needs and talents of the individual, allowing them to express their full potential. He also proposed that AI could help achieve clean, limitless energy so we could protect our planet’s natural resources.

The prime minister also poked fun at himself, saying that he knew it “sounds like a John Lennon song” but offered assurances that the potential was very real. He also said AI could be helpful in our expansion into space and beyond.

He ended by mentioning Israel has developed the technology and will continue to lead in the industry, just as in previous technological aspects. He believes that AI developed by Israel will eventually help people across the globe.

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