Jill Corrects Biden in Another Lawn Mishap

(BrightPress.org) – President Joe Biden seemed confused during a photo op with the White House Valentine’s Day lawn decorations on the evening of February 14th. In a brief clip posted to X, Biden is seen staring at the decorations before heading back inside. On his way back in, Biden asked his wife if they should take a picture. She reminded him that they already did that.

Biden, 81, is visibly slow when he walks and seemingly has difficulty forming coherent thoughts without confusing which nations he is discussing. Jill Biden has previously attempted to deflect from his clear mental and physical decline by oddly suggesting his age is a net benefit, as recently as January.

Jill Biden told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that her husband’s advanced age “is an asset.” She claimed he was wise and full of experience while claiming he “knows every leader” in global politics and has “lived history.” She called him “thoughtful.”

Unfortunately, Jill’s sentiments were not shared by Special Counsel Robert Hur who recently released a report on President Biden’s mishandling of classified information. Biden had kept multiple tranches of documents at his homes and offices. Despite denials from the president, Hur also concluded that he shared classified information with the ghostwriter for his memoir.

Hur’s report was extremely critical of President Biden, but it did not recommend charges. Hur reasoned that Biben would present as a bumbling old man if prosecutors attempted to hold him accountable for his allegedly criminal behavior.

Hur’s report discussed multiple failures of Biden’s memory. Biden was unable to recall the years he served as Obama’s Vice President (2011-2017), or even the year his son, Beau Biden, died (2015).

Biden sat for Hur back in early October, just days after Israel was attacked by Hamas. Biden has blamed the concurrent events for stressing him out and impacting his recall.

Biden also called Egypt’s President Sisi the “President of Mexico,” during a press conference on the evening of February 8th he gave in response to the report. He also appeared angry and agitated when reporters asked about his memory.

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