Joe Biden Hits Back at Lauren Boebert with a Blunt Response

( – President Joe Biden clapped back at House Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) during a recent interview with friendly leftist outlet, MeidasTouch. Host Ben Meiselas shared a clip of Boebert with Biden wherein she criticized the Inflation Reduction Act, calling it a “massive failure.”

Biden grinned and laughed during her smashing critique. Biden suggested it would be funny if she weren’t so wrong. He said she had made a failure in her line of thought.

Biden highlighted a wind turbine factory which was expanded thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, leading to the creation of 850 jobs in her district. It’s unlikely he pulled that factoid from his aging and declining brain without coaxing beforehand, and it’s even less certain if it’s true. The talking point had been codified by the White House days prior.

Biden suggested Boebert tell her constituents that the investment made in her community was a “massive failure.” A clip is available in a post on X for anyone who wants to see Biden’s reaction.

Democrats must sense blood in the water in Boebert’s district with a massive coordinated campaign to oust her from her seat. Hollywood liberals of all stripes and levels of fame have lined up and donated to the campaign of her Democrat challenger Adam Frisch.

During the midterms in 2022, Boebert won by a slim lead of just 546 votes. Democrats expect they can flip her seat blue with enough money and bad press. The combination of the White House and leftist press coordinating with major Hollywood celebrities like Barbara Streisand and Ryan Reynolds to target her speaks volumes. Infamous left-leaning director Rob Reiner, actors Tony Shalhoub & Don McManus, and more have all donated to her opposition.

Frisch raised nearly $4 million in the last quarter, roughly four times the amount raised by Boebert in the same period. She’s started to notice. In a post on X, she pointed out that doing the opposite of whatever Rob Reiner is doing is a “good bet in politics.” She also pointed out that her opponent was raising millions in “dark money” and asked for donations to help fight it.

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( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ political campaign is shaking up staff at the Never Back Down super PAC supporting his presidential bid. Just moments after he completed his 99-county tour of Iowa (nicknamed “The Full Grassley”) the PAC fired three senior staff members, including the interim CEO who had only been in the role nine days. An unnamed source with the campaign said they were caught off guard by the firings, the individuals had attended events with DeSantis as recently as earlier in the day, according to the source.

DeSantis said he was ambivalent about criticism in the press because his campaign was about the voter, not the candidate.

DeSantis has had a tight-knit circle surrounding himself for the duration of his political career. One of the problems his campaign has had is his preference for loyal individuals who may not have experience running a national campaign.

DeSantis and his representatives have previously downplayed staffing shuffles, when something similar happened over the summer, deputy campaign manager David Polyansky said that his team’s firepower “remains unmatched.” He further said the Never Back Down PAC had an impressive operation including boots on the ground in Iowa.

Kristin Davison was one of the senior staffers let go from Never Back Down over the weekend, she had been in her second week serving as interim CEO and ran the Iowa 99-county tour before being abruptly dismissed. Long-time DeSantis friend Adam Laxalt also resigned from the board.

An anonymous individual working with the campaign said that the restructuring “means nothing” despite some people in the campaign being shocked by the removals.

Voters don’t seem to notice or care. DeSantis’ unfamiliarity with national campaigns has been evident from the outset with the campaign and PAC (seeded with $83 million from DeSantis’ 2022 re-election campaign coffer) butting heads over responsibilities or shifting them back and forth. A second PAC, Fight Right Inc., is now emerging after the governor reportedly disapproved of some of the advertisements deployed by Never Back Down.

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