Judge Gets Assaulted by Criminal in Court

(BrightPress.org) – An irate defendant flung himself at the judge during his sentencing hearing and pummeled her and other court officials with flailing punches on January 3rd. The bloody melee went on for several moments before bailiffs and others could get the man restrained and under control.

The moment was caught on court video, which allowed the event to become an instant viral sensation. Some of the quips included calling it a “mostly peaceful sentencing” while another user asked if Democrat Representative Maxine Waters was going to start a GoFundMe for him.

Defendant Deobra Delone Redden, 30, flew into a rage when he realized he was going to get jail time. He had just finished his request for leniency according to a report by the AP. Redden, who was being sentenced for a felony conviction on assault and battery charges, told the judge that he was changing his ways and didn’t need to be in prison.

Redden was unshackled during his sentencing due to the fact he had been out of jail on release pending the outcome of his trial. His original conviction involved assault with a baseball bat. The prosecutor in the case downgraded the charges from assault with a deadly weapon to attempted battery causing substantial injuries.

During his request for leniency, Redden called himself someone who always continues “trying to do the right thing” regardless of the difficulty. He said he wasn’t rebellious, and that the judge should do what she has to do, implying he would accept jail time if she deemed it necessary.

The moment she announced her intention to sentence him to jail time, he began cursing and dashed forward, throwing himself at the judge. Several people in the audience, including his foster mother screamed in an attempt to restrain him.

Redden was examined for mental illness due to a pattern of repeated violent activity and declared competent to stand trial. This is far from the first time he’s snapped and flew into a rage. He previously had been locked up for domestic battery, according to court records.

Judge Holthus had previously served as a prosecutor for nearly three decades when she won her election to the state bench in 2018.

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