Judges Face Disaster in Handling Trump Trials

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(BrightPress.org) – Legal expert and former prosecuting attorney Randall Eliason is urging judges in Trump’s criminal cases to accelerate the pace to avoid uncertainty on election day. He suggested that it would be disastrous for the rule of law should his guilt or innocence be uncertain when people go to the ballot box.

Trump is the clear Republican front-runner for the nomination and is beating Biden in the most recent national polls from RealClearPolitics.com.

He’s also being attacked with 91 criminal charges stemming from 4 indictments. Trump and his supporters argue that all the charges against him are political and cite examples of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden himself as Democrats who have behaved similarly and have yet to be charged with any crimes.

His critics maintain that Trump violated the law when he claimed the 2020 election was rigged (despite free speech protections), blame him for the riots at the Capitol on J6 (despite ample evidence of federal involvement), and claim the prosecutions against him are legitimate.

Eliason asked the judiciary to take “extraordinary steps” to speed along Trump’s trials because otherwise he might win the 2024 election. Eliason suggested Trump was “criminally responsible” for attempting to overturn the 2020 election, revealing he’s already decided in advance of the outcome of the trials like many other left-leaning commentators.

The criminal allegations and trials against Trump are undoubtedly the best political weapon the Democrats have at their disposal. A New York Times/Siena College poll demonstrated this perfectly by showing Trump is ahead in the national election and swing states unless he’s convicted in one of the criminal proceedings against him. In such a case, swing state voters favored Biden.

Eliason believes the D.C. election interference case before Judge Tanya Chutkan has the best odds of completion before election day 2024 and praised Chutkan for “keeping it on track.”

Eliason also elaborated that Trump’s attorneys have been using pretrial appeals to criticize the legitimacy of the allegations, which is precisely how they’re intended to be used. He, like prominent Democrats, believes they need a criminal conviction against Trump to win the 2024 electoral cycle.

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