Kamala Harris’s Secret Service Agent Removed for ‘Distressing’ Behavior

(BrightPress.org) – A member of the Secret Service detail assigned to protect Vice President Kamala Harris was removed from duty on Monday, April 22nd. Agent Michelle Herczeg began displaying erratic behavior that her colleagues described as “distressing” shortly after arriving for duty at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland around 9 a.m. before Harris arrived. Harris had plans to travel from the airport to a campaign event in Wisconsin.

According to her colleagues, Herczeg behaved aggressively. She grabbed another agent’s phone and tampered with it, hid behind curtains, and threw objects at other officers including feminine hygiene products, and was muttering about her co-workers needing to “listen to God” and that they would “burn in hell.”

Two of Herczeg’s superiors attempted to subdue her. Herczeg responded by attacking and punching the Senior Agent in charge. Herczeg was handcuffed, disarmed, removed from the building, and treated by medical staff. Her weapon remained holstered until she was disarmed by other agents. Secret Service Chief of Communications Anthony Guglielmi commented that the incident was a “medical matter” and no further information would be disclosed.

Colleagues said they were aware of previous incidents of Herczeg displaying “strange behavior.” Other unnamed personnel have questioned whether Herczeg was a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) hire, claiming the Secret Service agents assigned to protect the president and vice president are typically only the “most qualified agents.”

In 2016, Herczeg filed a lawsuit against the city of Dallas, where she was employed as a police officer. She sued the city for $1 million in a gender discrimination lawsuit. She claimed she was treated “less favorably” because she was a female officer. The lawsuit also claimed she had been sexually harassed. The Texas court system dismissed the case.

Harris had not yet left her home at the Naval Observatory in Washington when Herczeg began her erratic display. The situation was under control before Harris arrived at the airport. Her timely departure was not delayed.

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