Kevin O’Leary Bashes ‘Rogue Judge’ for Trump Fraud Verdict

( – “Shark Tank” regular and financial investor Kevin O’Leary highlighted how the recent verdict in Trump’s New York civil fraud case has him nervous about putting billions of dollars into the ground in NY state. He also echoed sentiments from many critical commentators, saying that he anticipates the case to be overturned on appeal.

Calling Judge Arthur Engoron a “rogue judge,” O’Leary argued that the verdict imperils not just business ventures in New York, but across the entire U.S. by making political affiliation a potential hiccup for major investment deals.

O’Leary argued that around the world, the United States was a major target for investors due to the perception that the rule of law is fair and that property won’t be seized by the government without just cause. He suggested that it was unwise to “mess with” the perception that America is a fair market for businesses.

He added that in this particular case, there are no victims, and no damages. Legal experts have argued that both are requirements for the legal definition of fraud. Despite that, Engoron slammed Trump with a fine totaling nearly half a billion dollars.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is eager to get her claws on Trump’s assets, despite a pending appeal. James gave comments on Tuesday, February 21st suggesting she’s contemplating seizing Trump’s Wall Street apartment if he doesn’t pay the fine.

Trump attorney Alina Habba called the verdict “manifest injustice” and said that the case was “a politically fueled witch hunt” that targeted the former president and current GOP front-runner.

O’Leary suggested that it was additionally possible for the Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue given the complete irregularity of the ruling and travesty of justice. He highlighted that last century, a similar case involving BMW was quickly overturned by the SCOTUS due to the ruling being perceived as completely out of line with judicial norms.

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