Koch Backs Nikki Haley in Her Campaign to Replace Donald Trump

(BrightPress.org) – Famous neoconservative donors the Koch brothers are throwing their support behind Nikki Haley. Charles Koch has worked diligently to help exclude Donald Trump from future political office, despite his popularity with voters.

Haley is still polling in the single digits around the country, far behind former President Trump, supporters hope that this endorsement has the potential to boost her numbers.

She’s been trading barbs with Vivek Ramaswamy during the primary debates and earned darling status amongst the establishment elite for her consistent support for war in areas like Ukraine and Israel.

Donor support has been consolidating behind her as we head into 2024, the announcement of the addition of the Koch brothers will be a huge boon to her campaign coffers.

DeSantis is the current runner-up to Donald Trump but his performance has been floundering in recent weeks with effective attacks against his tendency to wear height-boosting-shoes. While DeSantis made an effective governor, he seems to lack the gravitas and charisma to command an audience.

A memo went out on Tuesday, November 28th from the Koch’s political organization, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP) that suggested Haley could win and help heal the toxic culture of D.C. They claim internal polling showed that she performed best against Joe Biden.

Haley’s campaign said they were “honored” to receive the “grassroots” support offered by AFP. Their statement further highlighted the need to save the country and express their gratitude for the support.

Trump’s campaign retorted that “shady money” coming from “the political arm of China First” won’t make a difference. He further pointed out that Haley has opposed him consistently since 2016.

Critiques point out that Haley has little infrastructure behind her which would severely limit her ability to grow beyond the primary.

Koch’s endorsing her over DeSantis was a huge blow to his campaign which has received support from other establishment Republicans opposing Trump. His campaign said that the support would be meaningless as Haley has no shot at beating Trump, let alone Biden.

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