Letitia James Faces Backlash for Escalating Civil Fraud Suit Against Trump

(BrightPress.org) – New York Attorney General Letitia James continues to inflate the figure that she’s attempting to extract from the Trump Organization as “damages” for “overvaluing” his properties to secure loans for further investment.

The figure is now $370 million up from an initial $250 million. The damages are in addition to permanently banning Trump and his family and any of their businesses from operating in New York state.

Trump attorney Alina Habba called James “fame-hungry” in a discussion with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, January 7th, on Fox News. Habba further suggested that James’s politics are more important to her than the interests of New York State. James famously campaigned on the promise of “getting Trump,” suggesting that her entire case against him is contrived and political.

Habba added that during the NY trial, they brought expert witnesses from across the financial and real estate market who testified that, if anything, Trump’s properties were undervalued. She pointed out that some of their witnesses even operated on the Nobel Executive Committee, and they said that Trump was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Habba further highlighted witnesses from Deutsche Bank, who issued some of the loans, and who testified that they “loved working with Trump.” She said that the Deutsche Bank representatives said that Trump even paid back some of the loans early and called him a “great client.”

Habba said that James’s office continued to inflate the damages sought throughout the trial and their goal is to wipe out Trump’s bank account. If successful, many Trump employees would be denied severance pay and outgoing benefits.

Habba called the political prosecution of Trump “sad” and “sick” and indicated that it was bad for the state of New York. Bartiromo pointed out that Trump built his entire corporate empire in New York City.

Habba said that Trump was remaining positive and upbeat, despite legal setbacks. He’s hoping that judges will be able to see through the sham prosecution and realize the allegations against him are entirely political and baseless.

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