McConnell Brands New “Axis of Evil,” Warns Americans

( – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), fresh from multiple episodes of freezing up in public, sat down with Shannon Bream of “Fox News Sunday” to make the case that all U.S. foreign policy adventures are tied together by the China-Russia-Iran “axis of evil.”

McConnell agreed with his fellow Republican Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, that the $1.5 trillion deficit is gargantuan and in desperate need of reduction. Instead of focusing on how we’re going to do that, McConnell pointed out that deficit spending happened under Trump as well.

Calling the international scene “an emergency” McConnell characterized the Iranians as a threat to U.S. interests in the Middle East and implied the U.S. had a responsibility to “step up and deal with” the China-Russia-Iran alliance, which he called an “axis of evil.” The term is a World War 2 reference that Western powers used to label the Japanese-German-Italian alliance.

McConnell said the world is more dangerous today than it’s ever been in his entire life. He elaborated that the combined drama of the conflict between NATO and Russia happening in Ukraine combined with the recent war kicked off by Hamas and Israel in the Middle East is lending to dramatic shifts of power and regional instability.

McConnell implied there was a global need for U.S. leadership, a typical neoconservative talking point. He criticized the Biden administration for its disastrous pull-out from Afghanistan, pointing out that Putin used that incident as a green light to go into Ukraine. He also connected Iranian drones being used by both Hezbollah in the Middle East and Russia in Ukraine, claiming “it’s all connected.”

McConnell had no issue with U.S. weapons ending up in nations all around the world, however. He also implied China was backing Hamas in the conflict against Israel and suggested this is a “worldwide problem.”

Biden also had no problem tying spending for Ukraine and Israel together, suggesting it’s all one big problem. McConnell further suggested that Ukraine is being carefully scrutinized by China, and that should Russia win there, we could see China invade Taiwan shortly thereafter.

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