Megyn Kelly Says Trump Is Joining Biden in His Mental Slowdown

( – Podcast host Megyn Kelly made comments suggesting Trump was beginning to show age-related mental decline in a discussion with conservative talk show host Glenn Beck on December 8th.

Kelly cited recent examples where Trump called the Biden administration the Obama administration. She dismissed Trump’s defense that the switch up was an intentional dig, suggesting that Obama is pulling Biden’s strings. She said that if you look at the clips, it seems as if it’s a genuine mistake.

She also cited a comment Trump made where he warned that the Democrats were going to get us embroiled in World War II. She also said he’s confusing the cities he appears in and the countries he discusses during his speeches.

She also said she had all due respect for Trump, but speaking plainly, “This is what happens when you’re 77 years old.” She agreed with a point raised by DeSantis that “Father Time spares no one,” meaning we all age and suffer age-related mental and physical declines.

Kelly indicated that there was an obvious preference for Trump over Biden saying there’s no question about who’s more capable and competent between the two of them, but added that it was ridiculous to pretend that Trump was just as “vibrant and mentally sharp” as in previous elections.

Presumed runner-up for the GOP nomination and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign jumped on the clip, sharing it to X with a simple “Woah.”

Kelly and Trump have a history going back to the 2016 election cycle where Kelly moderated a GOP primary debate. In her opening comments, Kelly asked Trump if offensive phrasing he had used previously to describe unattractive women was language befitting a presidential candidate. Trump quipped he only mocked Rosie O’Donnell’s appearance, but Kelly suggested he’d used derogatory language to describe other females.

Trump referred to Kelly as a bimbo shortly after and mocked her for challenging him. Then-Trump-attorney Michael Cohen said that it seemed as if there was an orchestrated campaign to tar Trump who was doing well in the polls.

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