Men Charged in the Death of New England Patriots Fan

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( – Two men from Rhode Island are being charged in the death of Dale Mooney, 53, after they got into a fight at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts in September.

District Attorney Michael Morrissey announced on Thursday, December 21st that Justin Mitchell, 39, and John Vieira, 59, will face disorderly conduct and assault and battery charges after Mooney died on September 17th.

The Chief Medical Examiner ruled the death was a homicide due to cardiac dysrhythmia. He added that Mooney suffered from hypertension and heart disease which likely contributed to his death.

Morrissey’s office added that the available evidence, including multiple angles of video of the incident and autopsy findings, failed to support charges of homicide or murder. They said that there may be up to three more individuals charged with similar charges in the next few weeks.

Mooney’s death was initially ruled a medical issue related to his severe heart disease; however, the ruling of homicide came later as a result of further investigations by the Medical Examiner.

Cardiac arrhythmias are abnormal heartbeats that typically result from an electrical short-circuit in the body. They can be harmless or deadly depending on the severity and frequency of the issue. Obesity can be a causative factor along with hardening of the arteries.

The issue can be exacerbated by stress, which would normally occur during a physical altercation. If the individual was additionally excited due to emotional investment in a sporting event that could additionally complicate matters.

A dysrhythmia is a “bad rhythm” which means the abnormal heartbeat is not enough to supply the body with needed levels of oxygen for its tissues. It can result in feeling light-headed at the mild end of the spectrum or causing the patient to lose consciousness or die at the extreme end.

There are a variety of ways to treat the condition depending on the causative factors. If you suspect anything off with your ticker it’s best to discuss the situation with your doctor as soon as possible.

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