Miami Police Stop Supercar Event and Arrest 61 in ‘Wheels Up, Guns Down’ Crackdown

( – More than 60 people were arrested during a Miami street race on Friday, January 12th, which has become an annual tradition over Martin Luther King Day weekend since 2020. Police have become less tolerant of their shenanigans over the years. More than 150 traffic fatalities were connected with the event in January 2023.

The police targeted the event which attempted to take over multiple highways, intersections, and local streets in the area around the Miami International Airport. Police video showed a winding caravan of dozens of supercars, sports cars, and other flashy roadsters.

Police made 61 arrests and wrote 363 tickets. They also discovered many of the vehicles involved were reported stolen.

Miami police had warned event organizers that the criminal gathering would not be allowed to proceed. Organizers countered that the event is supposed to promote peace and community fellowship. Police officials highlighted that it negatively impacts residents and visitors to the area and tends to get out of control.

Police posted an update to social media reporting the busts, saying that they’ll always protect roadways and enforce traffic laws. They added that there’s a “Zero Tolerance” policy for anyone driving unauthorized vehicles; in years past, they had several all-terrain vehicles and trucks modified for off-roading.

Previous road takeovers have caused traffic accidents and dangerous road conditions which the police said they will not tolerate.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Alejandro Camacho speaking with NBC6 said that Dr. Martin Luther King’s name shouldn’t “be tarnished” by the “chaos” associated with the event. He added that ATVs, dirt bikes, and illegally modified motorcycles can make driving in South Florida “extremely dangerous.”

Police said that participation in any road takeover events will result in your arrest and your vehicle being impounded. The scene resembled drag races featured in the “Fast and Furious” films, with dozens of modified cars built for street racing. Police gave ample advanced warning to eventgoers that their dangerous shenanigans would no longer be tolerated.

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