Michael Cohen Says Trump Has Been Given “Corporate Death Penalty”

(BrightPress.org) – Donald Trump’s former attorney and convicted felon Michael Cohen called New York’s attempts to squash Trump’s businesses in the state a “corporate death penalty.” He further suggested that Trump cannot financially survive the damages he anticipates will be awarded by lifelong Democrat judge Arthur Engoron in the non-jury trial brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James who ran on the promise of prosecuting Trump.

Cohen also pointed out that Engoron and James are aligned on the belief that Trump and his family should be prohibited from engaging in any business in the state of New York. James brought suit against Trump for allegedly exaggerating the value of his properties in order to secure a loan that was paid back with interest. Those property values are in dispute depending on whether the “expert” hates Trump or not.

James’ anti-Trump expert assessed the value of Mar-A-Lago at a measly $18 million whereas Forbes suggested the property actually worth $350 million to give you an idea of the range.

Cohen suggested that the psychological impact of having his ability to work in New York was devastating due to Trump’s self-image of being a good businessman and wealthy entrepreneur.

During his discussion with Abby Phillip on CNN, Cohen said that Trump wouldn’t be able to survive the penalty coming down the pike. The $250 million fine sought by James is just the baseline, not the cap, Cohen said. He anticipated the actual fine to be double or triple that amount.

New York’s Attorney General and Judge Arthur Engoron are able to decimate Trump’s financial empire without so much as a jury to get in their way. Engoron refused to move the case into commercial court, which Trump’s defense argued was the proper venue. He also refused Trump’s request to dismiss the charges based on lack of standing, a key aspect of the case is that no one was harmed by the allegations that Trump exaggerated his property values – even if he did so.

Trump’s team will likely appeal any negative outcomes.

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