Michigan Parents Sue School District Over Child’s Transition

(BrightPress.org) – Parents of a Michigan child are furious over a secret gender transition of their child enacted by school faculty and officials. They’re not only furious, they’re suing.

Dan Mead and his wife, Jennifer, are suing the Rockford Public School District with help from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) in Michigan court for its role in socially transitioning their female child to be treated like a boy. They’re also accusing the school of doing this secretly without any consideration of their parental rights.

ADF lawyers for the Meads alleged that a report regarding their child exposed the operation as administrators had failed to create a deceptively altered report before sending it home to the parents for review.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Matthews refused to comment, citing ongoing legal affairs and the privacy rights of the Mead family.

In August 2020, the little girl began sixth grade at East Rockford Middle School but began to experience academic difficulty as the year progressed. The parents began to discuss possible remedies with the school counselor, who had regular meetings with the student over the following two years. Crucially, the girl had a recent autism diagnosis which is often conflated/comorbid with gender dysphoria.

Jennifer Mead reported that most days their daughter was sad and they were at a loss as to how to help her. She said that she was working with the school counselor, and they had a good relationship which inspired trust. Then in May 2022, the girl asked the school counselor to inform all her teachers that she was going to begin using a masculine name. At no point did the counselor inform the Meads of the change.

When the student began school the following fall, the school used a masculine name and pronouns without the knowledge or consent of the parents. The parents only discovered by accident when the counselor sent some forms home and she apparently missed one that listed the girl’s new masculine name and male pronouns.

After the discovery, they pulled the child out of the school and now say she’s thriving elsewhere and has no problem with her identity as a girl. When they confronted school officials, they merely claimed it was “school policy,” prompting the change.

The Meads decided to sue to hopefully prevent this kind of deceptive behavior in the future.

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