Monica Lewinsky Pushes for More Constitutional Amendments

( – Monica Lewinsky wants to see multiple changes to the fundamental structure of the government, including mandatory term limits and age restrictions on who can hold office. Lewinsky argues that there aren’t sufficient constitutional protections to guard against corrupt politicians in a piece published by Vanity Fair on November 27th.

She uses colloquial and colorful language to make her argument relatable to folks who enjoy marijuana and cartoons. She outlines how the last amendment passed in 1992 was to prevent Congress from giving itself a raise. She then gives her two cents on what she believes would make a series of good amendments to the Constitution and why.

She first argues that a President shouldn’t be able to pardon himself or his family members and uses Trump as a case study. She suggests that pardons for family members should require “some sort of bipartisan congressional mechanism” without giving further detail.

She also wants to see candidates for high office undergo a security screening. She doesn’t elaborate on what kind of screening or what agency would perform the check.

Lewinsky wants an amendment that prevents the suspension of Constitutional rights even under martial law.

She then cites the minimum age requirements for House Representatives, Senators, and the President to make the case that a maximum age limit should be set as well. Lewinsky acknowledged the utility of experience but suggested there was a point where the cultural disconnect between older and younger generations as well as their mental acuity are reason enough to disqualify them from office.

She then cited Sen. Mitt Romney, 76, who just announced his departure from the Senate as a good upper limit.

Lewinsky also wants to abolish the Electoral College. She suggested that the selection of electors who then abide by the particular rules of the state they originate from is fundamentally opposed to democracy. She also claimed the system was designed to protect slavery and was unpopular with Americans.

She also slides in a request for an Equal Rights Amendment and something that would enshrine abortion rights at the very end without making arguments and asks what the Bill of Rights would have looked like if it were written by women.

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