More Allegations Arise Involving the Bidens

( – The House impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden has uncovered new information about his son, Hunter. A memo recovered by the inquiry indicates Hunter Biden collaborated with CEFC China Energy to buy Westinghouse, an American-based manufacturer of nuclear reactors owned by Toshiba (a Japanese company).

CEFC attempted to buy Westinghouse through an intermediary and associate of Hunter’s, James Gilliar’s European Energy and Infrastructure Group. Hunter, Gilliar, and another associate Rob Walker planned to alert CEFC of its ability to use the Biden name to obtain support in Washington. The purchase failed, probably because of differences between China and the Japanese, although no reason for the failed purchase has been determined.

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, spoke before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, March 20th, in a hearing to “iron out’ inconsistent witness testimonies. During his opening statement, Bobulinski accused Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, of lying under oath about the nature of their involvement with CEFC. Bobulinski is set to testify about the Biden family and their foreign business dealings. Bobulinski, in closed-door testimony last month, said he met with Hunter, Joe, and James to discuss a “proposed joint venture with CEFC” in May 2017.

According to Bobulinski, Hunter lied and perjured himself during sworn testimony last month. He claims Hunter lied about Joe Biden’s interactions with his business associates, the timeline of business interactions involving CEFC, and a threatening text sent to a Chinese businessman claiming he was “sitting next to his father” (President Biden). Bobulinski insists the business relationship between the Bidens and CEFC may extend as far back as Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

Hunter Biden is not expected to appear for Wednesday’s public hearing as he testified behind closed doors last month. James Comer, Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told Fox News things will “not end well” for the Bidens if Hunter refuses to show. Comer has indicated his interest in pursuing criminal charges against The Biden family for their “wrongdoing to the Justice Department.”

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