Mother Disappears After Getting Mental Health Treatment

( – A mother of two from California vanished after she left a mental health treatment facility in Texas with plans to return to the Bay Area to visit her family for Thanksgiving. Danielle Friedland, 36, failed to board her flight from George Bush Intercontinental Airport on November 22nd.

Her husband, Jordan Friedland, reported that his wife had been suffering from a series of mental health challenges including various severe diagnoses. She’d spent the prior 6 weeks at the Menniger Clinic in Houston.

Local cops believe she left the airport in a taxi and are uncertain where she went from there. She was limited to only $160 in cash and her debit card. Police also believe she intentionally left her cell phone at the airport, suggesting that she doesn’t want to be found.

Her husband said their young children miss their mother tremendously and that she’s an amazing mom and community member. He further elaborated that she’s unfamiliar with the Houston area and doesn’t have any family or friends in the area she could connect with for help.

Extended family flew in from out of state to help look for her. She’s a petite woman, only 5’1” and 100 pounds.

Her diagnoses include mood disorder psychosis, depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The family reports she may be in downtown Houston, there were some sightings in the Trinity Park area.

Family members handed out flyers downtown asking if anyone had seen her. They’ve visited churches and homeless encampments and have had word of people seeing her, indicating she may still be in the area.

Police aren’t sure what happened; she made it to the airport but for some reason decided to abandon her plans to fly home. They were reviewing surveillance footage from the airport to see if they could figure out what happened.

Menniger Clinic refused to comment on the specifics due to patient confidentiality requirements but said they were aware of the situation and were hoping for her safe return.

Thankfully, Danielle Friedland was located after using a credit card to book a hotel room on November 29th.

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