New Mexico Residents Offered Free Shipping on Ammo

( – New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) came under fire when she signed an executive order limiting the Second Amendment rights of residents of her state.

EO 2023-130 from Grisham’s desk inspired so much backlash that one New Mexico sheriff publicly refused to enforce the order. Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen called it “unconstitutional” during a press briefing. He further said that it was a poor attempt at stopping gun violence, saying it “does nothing,” in effect.

That led to Grisham’s office walking back some of their language. In subsequent press briefings, the governor said the penalties for violations would be civil, not criminal, meaning fines or losing a concealed carry permit. Second Amendment advocates have also argued that permits are unconstitutional.

Grisham had suggested that there was no concern with responsible gun owners, despite the order directly affecting those who would otherwise be well within federal and state law to carry firearms in public. Grisham’s office clarified that the order only affects certain jurisdictions with high levels of gun violence and dense populations, however, the metrics they used to determine these zones seem arbitrary and unsubstantiated. Grisham called the measure an attempt to abate some of the gun violence in the state in the short term to give them some time to figure out long-term solutions.

There was also some confusion over what law enforcement agency would have the authority to enforce the order, and whether there would be exceptions for personnel who carry a gun as a part of their job. There are additional exemptions for firing ranges, private property, and shooting competitions further complicating the picture.

This led to one Michigan ammo company offering free shipping to New Mexicans. Justin Nazaroth of Phoenix Ammunition said he felt like he had to do something. They plan to offer free shipping to residents of the state as long as Grisham is in power as part of a peaceful attempt to push back against the move. Nazareth pointed out that politicians sign unconstitutional orders knowing the courts will overturn them, but that citizens have to tolerate their tyranny for months before that happens.

New Mexico Republicans are already working on articles of impeachment against Grisham and expect they’ll be available for the public soon. A Biden-appointed federal judge has also granted a temporary restraining order blocking enforcement and her own attorney general is refusing to defend Grisham’s office in court.

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